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Approved Log Mobster - back on the grind log

Alt Dumbbell Curls
to 32.5kg x 8 reps


Tricep Pressdown
slight tweak inside left elbow warming up but fine when the sleeves went on for the heavy set
to 18p x 5 reps

Standing BB Wrist Curls
to 107.5kg x 8 reps. DS to 60kg x 20 reps. Almost painful contraction doing a popeye style forearm flex after

Again PED are 20mg a day MK677 for months and I'm running (as of last Friday) RAD140 at 20mg a day from EuroPharmacies
Good solid session @ Powerhouse. Trained solo except having someone just in case for the top weight on bench
Close Grip Bench Press
to 140kg x 1 ugly rep (don't know why) then 170kg/352lbs x 2, 3 and 3 reps (two sets of 3 might be a PB). 180kg x 1 rep just cos (easy)

One Arm Dumbbell Row
to 90kg/198lbs x 10 reps

60-mm MiraFit R/Handle
to set up +
LH: 83.75kg x 3 x 3 reps (last 2 sets on point)
RH: 86.25kg x 3 x 3 reps (all solid)

Bwt: 317lbs
Head up ass setting up crypto stuff with a new account. Urghh. Always a pain. New belt (forgot to adjust it to being OVER my support belt... rookie mistake lol)
Power Squat Machine
to 545kg/1200lbs x 4 reps

Leg Press
to 632kg x fail. Zero power. Felt deeper than usual but still

Lying Leg Curls
to 9p x 8 reps

Leg Extension
to stack+10kg x 8 reps

418ls from before xmas
For whatever reason the fail on the max leg press weight prayed on my mind overnight. I felt stiff etc today and nearly took the day off. It ended up just great
Seated Press
to 102.5kg/225.5lbs x 4 reps

Saxon Bar Work
to 103.75kg x 3 n/s reps, 2+1 r/p reps, 3 n/s reps
very impressive I'm glad you had someone spotting you you might need like three guys LOL

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