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I have a few more questions about the Red 140

For how long should I drink it or rather consume it, like it's something I need to consume regularly or once the box is finished then that's it?

And can I mix the Red 140 with "extreme amino acid" and with "creatine pills", i.e. can I drink all three regularly during the day?

I have a few questions about the rad 140
All the questions of when to drink Rad 140 before training, after training or even during training or not related to training at all?

How much to drink Rad 140 for every day if it is pills then how many pills a day and if it is powder then how many a day?

I wrote here because i see some issue with help desk, when register an account to create a ticket, tge email for verficatiom of the email is mot arriving making impossoble to use it. If u try without account the question is registered to help desk but then when u want see the ticket is says access forbidden my order UP4127161566 and tracking gave me LA841529103NL
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Yes, sorry for multiple ticket, but As i was mentioning everytime i try register a profile on helpdesk website, i dont get the confirmation email. So after when i try to check the ticket status it says to me: access denied. But after few days i got all ticket replied with same reply and same tracking code, problem is at today the tracking code says shippment not found, could you help me?
Hello @snifer Thank you for your patience, I'll look into the problem right away and get back to you.
Hello @snifer,
Thank you for your patience.
With regards to your package, I was informed that our support desk had notified you that your order is already in transit and this may have affected your tracking updates. Nevertheless, your case was escalated for investigation since yesterday.
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