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Approved Log Mobster - back on the grind log

Trained today in lieu of Monday cos I'll be attending a Wales Strongest man qualifier
Lever Squat
to 340kg/748lbs x 4 reps

Iso Lever Leg Press
to 200kg/440lbs per leg one at a time x 4 reps

Lying Leg Curls
to 9p+2.5kg x 6 reps

Leg Extensions
to stack+12.5kg (not inc special pin weight) x 6 reps
looks like a big beast bar @Mobster
I have never seen a saxon bar in person before. Probably only at hardcore gyms, lol. Let us know how the qualifier was. Sounds like something that would be super fun to attend.
Seated Press
to 115kg/253lbs (5kg/11lbs under my old PB) x 4 reps. Done on one breath

Saxon Bar work
The off the ground thing seemed not to work today on the max weight. Might give it another go
Floor for all warm up sets. Up on the wheels for 107.5kg x 1, then 1+nearly, then 2 x 1 x failed

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