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Steroids Getting ripped on steroids


New member
Pretty simple situation for me
I would like to get as ripped as possible
Currently 28 years old
5’8’’ 211 pounds and maybe 20% body fat
Never been ripped like some of you on here and would be nice to have that feeling too of ego
Which steroids would you recommend for me?
none.. you have zero clue what you are doing or talking about.. not to mention you are not in the proper condition to even use steroids.. judging by your numbers, your body fat is probably a lot higher than you are even indicating.... how about trying this... work on your diet and training discipline and consistency... i know that good old hard work is frowned upon anymore but give it a shot!
depending on your history you can easily get into shape fast. THEN you can hit a steroid stack. anavar or tbol is a good option

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