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AlanDomestic-Push Up Contest!

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We are going to start having a lot of contests in 2023. Our first one is going to be a Push Up Contest. It starts now and ends January 31.

During 2023 we will have a Pull Up contest, Bench Press contest, Deadlift contest, Meme contest and many more to come! Be on the look out!

Everyone that participates in these contests is a winner!

Here are the rules for the Push Up Contest:

You must submit a video in a private message or email to me with as many push ups as you can do. I will not post your video public, or say how many reps you completed. I will just post your username and say you made a submission to the contest. We want to keep the amount of reps hidden so no one knows the number to beat.

Everyone that makes a submission gets $20 store credit that can be used immediately. If you use my
link to make this order and write a review after, you will be credited another $50 towards a future order. Up to $70 free just to participate and make a review! We have no minimum order, so here is a good chance to try a new brand or product.

If there are more than 5 participants we will give 1st place $300 store credit! If there are more than 10 participants we will give 2nd place $200 store credit! If there are more than 20 participants we will give 3rd place $100 store credit!

You can wear a long sleeve shirt and a mask to hide your identity, but I promise your video will not be posted publicly. PM me or email me your submission, don’t post it below. You could make a youtube account to send it or any other way you choose.

Alan and I will be the judges on how many reps you performed. No cheat reps, full push ups, you can do them as fast as you want.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
Not open for further replies.