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IO Sponsor aka DrugsGear - Your Local Reliable Supplier

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Hello everyone, my name is Alan.
We were originally known as DrugsGear.
Unforeseen life circumstances forced us to create a new website - AlanDomestic.La

We have been in the game 10+ years. We carry great brands: Balkan, SP Laboratory, Pharmacom, ZPHC, Spectrum, Canada Peptides, Bayer, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, to name a few.
We ship domestically. T/A around 3-5 business days. We are on a few other forums and you can see from our reputation that we have a very happy customer base. We back all our products and offer $50 store credit for posting bloodwork. We have no minimum and multiple payment methods, try us out, you won’t be disappointed!

Also I want to introduce to you all a member of our team - BodybuilderZepp.
This guy has a lot of knowledge and experience in building a quality body, nutrition, training and so on. Soon, he will begins preparing for competitions, with the goal of obtaining IFBB PRO in 2025.
Dave Palumbo is advising him on this preparation.
For my part, I will support him with the best products I have.
In short, he is a cool dude and we will all watch the birth of a new IFBB pro on the forum!
if you have any questions feel free to PM him.

Sincerely, Alan
Thank you for the kind words Alan. I am happy to be apart of the team. DrugsGear also known as AlanDomestic, has been my go to for many years. Always peace of mind with the brands he carries.

Anyone that has used AlanDomestic in the past can tell you the great experience they had. Easy ordering process, quick T/A, great customer service and quality gear. Thats why I’m happy to join the team because his reputation speaks for itself.

My dream has always been to become an IFBB Pro, and having a great support system goes a long way.

From here on out if have any questions feel free to PM me.
Not open for further replies.
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