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    IO Sponsor New Domain, Same services

    Dear Customers, We are back with our new domain ( Please update your records, and discard our old website address. Also, save our future domains- For any queries, please reach us out at...
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    For Female Bodybuilders: 2.5- 10mg/ day For Male Bodybuilders: 50-100mg/ day for 6-12 weeks. Disclaimer: Above-stating content is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Before starting any type of program or treatment, it is advisable to seek advice from your health...
  3. Q

    NapsGear Best hardener stack from napsgear

    I have experienced the best hardening stack ever from napsgear Got their masteron, winstrol, tren and anavar I ran them all together I did 250mgs a week tren, 400mgs masteron, 25mgs winstrol and 30mgs anavar 8 week cycle I'm hard as a rock and I feel amazing. I highly recommend you guys check...
  4. B

    Geneza Geneza pharma anavar and clen for cutting

    I’m looking at stacking the GP anavar 50, along with the GP Clen 40. Both from geneza pharma of course The anavar comes in 50mg and the clen is 40mcg How would i dose these? I’m looking to Cut down ahead of the summer beach season and I want to look good. I'm planting a trip to the beach and I'm...
  5. yourmuscleshop

    IO Sponsor Build more muscles with Genlabs Products

    Build more muscles with Genlabs Products Extreme Strength Massive Muscle Gains Improved Performance Faster Recovery (We ship within 24hrs from USA) Join our Telegram Group for exclusive deals & Promotional Offers : TelegramYourMuscleShop Sold at: “A Premium Quality Brand”
  6. T

    Geneza Geneza pharma cycle setup help

    I’m looking for some help with my next cycle i am getting from geneza pharma Gonna get: GP Sust, GP var, GP dbol Should i do the anavar first 5 weeks with the Sustanon? Or wait to use it towards the end with the dbol? I am trying to look good for a vacation, i want to bulk up but lean bulk
  7. W

    Domestic-Supply How is anavar from domestic supply?

    DS is a pretty well reviewed source But anavar is very hard to find. From the Research I have done it seems to be one of the hardest steroids to find and if you are lucky enough to find it it's extremely expensive any idea of domestic Supply sells high quality anavar or is it just something else...
  8. G

    NapsGear Napsgear cycle thoughts and opinions

    Just got done with a 12 week napsgear cycle I did testosterone and i did some anavar with it This anavar is the real deal, i have ran it before and felt like it was always a weak steroid, But this time i could feel the anavar kick in pretty quick. My abs are showing now, that is what i was most...
  9. P

    Steroids recomping at 5’5’’

    I’m a short stocky guy. Hadi Choopan height but don’t quite have his genetics which steroid stack would work best for recomp considering I am 12% and want to get down to 8% I know trenbolone is numero uno. Should I start out with 400mgs as my base and then start adding in equipoise and anavar...
  10. S

    Steroids 3 steroids this time

    this is my third cycle and I want to try 3 different mild steroids together I’ve kind of narrowed it down to anavar, tbol, equipoise, primobolan and testosterone as my choices which of those three Can I stack together and what kind of dosing would work good? I'm 32 years old 6 ft tall and 207 lb
  11. S

    Geneza Geneza pharma tbol and var!

    I love being hard and muscular I’m impressed with my results stacking tbol and anavar from geneza pharma I was taking their caps for 8 weeks only. And i still feel like i am gaining even a week after stopping I did 20mgs of each. Even got my liver numbers check and everything is perfect. This is...
  12. P

    Steroids follow my next steroid cycle

    I’m 43 years old 5’6’’ 180 17% body fat Goals are leaning out and also getting strong My plan is: Dbol 30-50mgs a day Testosterone propionate 500mgs a week Then i want to finish with some anavar. Good plan?
  13. M

    Steroids Fall cycle hot or not?

    I’m planning my fall cycle I’ve got 3 cycles under my belt This time going for anavar and testosterone 200mgs of test+ 60mgs a day anavar for 8 weeks 5’6’’ 155 pounds and 12% body fat, 33 years old Do you think i need to run a short ester test?
  14. I

    Podcast Hardcore 24 - Oral trenbolone and Anavar PreContest Stacked

    In this IronOverLoad episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster from the UK Iron Den check out an oral only cycle – Tren and Anavar. We discuss: What we think athletes would want from using the oral form of Tren and Anavar together We discuss each drug solo Why we'd tweak the doses down from...
  15. W

    PuritySourceLabs Using PSL again for sure

    I just finished a 14 week cycle with PSL Let me tell you how impressed I've been with the quality of their steroids I use testosterone 500 mg and I used anadrol then anavar excellent orals and excellent testosterone both. My physique made such a dramatic change just in the first seven weeks of...
  16. F

    Steroids anavar and what else?

    Really want to try anavar oxandrolone want to cut down. I’m currently 15% body fat and 210 pounds at 6’3’’ 40 years old what else is good with var?
  17. G

    Steroids Check out this steroid stack

    45 6’1’’ 189 pounds 11% body fat I want to recomp further and pop my abs I plan on doing 200mgs testosterone cypionate with 50mgs a day winstrol should I add in anavar with this or would that be too much on my liver?
  18. I

    Podcast Hardcore 16 - Tbol and Anavar Stacked

    In this IronOverLoad episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster from the UK Iron Den check out an oral only cycle – Turinabol and Anavar. We discuss: What would be the best use of these two compounds? The advantages and disadvantages of running oral only cycles. How highly regarded both are...
  19. S

    Steroids Anavar cycle thoughts

    I would like to try anavar but I'm scared of getting fake stuff Can you recommend a source that has the real stuff? I’m interested in trying it to see if it can help me with stubborn body fat. I’m 12% body fat but all the fat seems to be on the belly. I’m 5’8’’ and 170 pounds
  20. I

    IO Sponsor Hardcore 14 - Anavar and Tbol Stacked

    In this IronOverLoad episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster from the UK Iron Den check out an oral only cycle – today Anavar and Turinabol. We discuss: Using the two to get into dry hard and ripped shape The advantages and disadvantages of running oral only cycles We talk about the...