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Approved Log My Testosterone 200 Masteron140 PE cycle Log

Apologies for being so unresponsive fellas only just picked my partner up from the airport this morning so things should be returning back to normal moving forward and I should have a lot more time to keep you guys up to date and in the loop!! Training is progressing well and although this has been the toughest 10 days of my life on minimal sleep with twice as much on my plate we got it done lads and we are back baby 💪💪🇦🇺

Also check ins tomorrow so stay tuned 😉
well atleast its over bro
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This is all my training for the week boys sorry I thought once the mrs was back I’d have more time but work has been stupid this week basically did 7 x 14 hour days 😂 here’s to hoping the worst is over 🤞


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