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    PuritySourceLabs Legit gear from puritysourcelabs

    i wanted to go the aesthetic route so picked some good options for getting tighter. the downside is these aren't the cheapest steroids but these guys make it really affordable and it did not cost me as much as I thought it would. Very nice quality gear as well, orals are usually underdosed but...
  2. Q

    PuritySourceLabs Purity source labs are great

    I love PSL Great source for sure! I ordered their EP primobolan depot and did 100mgs EOD, i really enjoyed it I was able to recomp and lose body fat. My sides were like non existant. Absolutely loved this cycle and would recommend it for all. I have used primo before and it...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL is a solid source

    I will explain my experience with PSL and tell you how much i value their company I made an order and there was a mixup Where I had ordered the wrong steroid Esther because my friend told me the wrong information. The next day I messaged them in a panic cause i wanted to change my order. they...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL random cycle thoughts

    I debated a few cycles but decided to try equipoise 500mgs a week this time with some testosterone E I am doing PSL brands I am very happy with this cycle. A lot of muscle increases and some strength too. I’ve been doing a lot of high rep training this time and this stuff is helping me make a...
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    PuritySourceLabs Puritysourcelabs HGH is gold

    I have used plenty of HGH in the past Everything from clinics prescribing it and overpaying by a lot To getting it from underground labs where it was underdosed or fake So i know what real HGH feels like In this case 100% the human growth hormone from PSL purity source is spot on...
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    PuritySourceLabs puritysourcelabs is legit for cutting

    my cycle was a cutting stack and i ran it 10 weeks total. Ran the winstrol the whole way and didn’t have issues at all. Nice vascularity, nice fat loss and nice hardening overall. Would recommend this for competition stack. strong pumps too here. they communicated well. delivery was good all...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL follows up

    i have to give credit to PSL. i had a complicated order where i put in 2 separate orders and then had to cancel the first one. They worked with me and resolving the confusion and made sure that all ended well by following up too. their customer service is perfect. ordering is easy back and forth...
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    PuritySourceLabs Nobody does it better than PSL

    I got some equipoise and tbol from PSL A solid stack that i have never done together But I did run them in other Cycles or by themselves so I know that I react well to both compounds well I will say together it is fantastic. I'm up 4 to 5 lb but it is pure muscle. it looks like I've gained like...
  9. Phil

    PuritySourceLabs HGH PORN

    HGH PORN + peptides
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL tren is fantastic!

    What a great product i got from PSL Its trenbolone enanthate I have been using 250mgs a week I'm also using some low dose testosterone with it I put on approximately 7 lb in 2 weeks. and it's all quality weight and I look bigger and I am way stronger in the gym. I highly recommend PSL if you...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL running up the dose

    one of the things I noticed when I use PSL is when i run up the dose the sides go up a lot and i get less results. so I have learned when I'm using their products to use a low to moderate amount and that is enough to get Sensational results doing my research it seems like this is a good sign...
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    PuritySourceLabs Kudos to vision and psl team

    All my questions have been answered in a prompt manner I'm reading on here and seeing all the people that vision and the PSL team have helped so I know it isn't just me that they are helping on a day-to-day basis. It's a great pleasure to use these guys as a source for that reason
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    PuritySourceLabs Good review with PSL

    I’m riding with PSL from now on These are quality people that run that outfit down there I ordered 2 injectables and 2 orals Package arrived today surprisingly in 1 tightly packed box. They did a great job concealing what it was
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL blew me away

    PSL has amazing products and service. I have been literally amazed by how amazing they have been to me. good on their word. communication was good and it took 10 days to get my stuff. delivery was fast, came early. ordered test, tren, masteron. results are amazing physique never looked better.
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL got me my items safely

    I am so happy. Yesterday i checked my mail and my package was in the box I didn’t even know it was here yet I had ordered 2 vials of testosterone enanthate and 2 vials of equipoise Nothing was broken and the package looks non suspicious. Great source!
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL took care of it

    had a slight hiccup when I ordered. They ended up getting me my product on time with no problem. only a slight delay. communication is good they took care of my payment problem. delivery was fast once they shipped it was at my door in less than 1 week. ordered primo, test cyp, dbol and results...
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    PuritySourceLabs Which PSL ancillary ?

    I’ve been using PSL for a few weeks now and their testosterone is very good I’m up like 8 pounds My next concern though is the water weight. I think i am bloating up too much Which AI should i order from them and are their AI’s good to go?
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    PuritySourceLabs easy as pie PSL

    I love online shopping already so going on PSL’s website and seeing all the cool stuff they have is like shopping for xmas lol I ended up making a large order and then 2 weeks order did another order again both orders came within a week. So they are very easy to deal with
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL fast delivery and great results

    the two things I look for in a source are always fast delivery and great results PSL nailed both it only took two to three weeks international shipping which is pretty impressive considering other packages usually take twice as long and then the results speak for themselves. You feel like an...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL got me my stuff

    So i ordered from PSL a couple months back The package made it all the way to my town Then it disappeared I talked to my mailman and he had no clue cuz he said there was no package PSL send the package again and this time I got it a week later. They made sure that I was taken care of through no...