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I am starting at 165lbs of weight, having lost more than 11 in just one month.

I start with tren for 3-4 weeks. No more because I would really like to avoid the side effects that arise later.
MK677(Ibutamoren) and GW501516 (Cardarine)

I'll then change to Primobolan and for july and summer I'll use Masteron.
Testosterone always present as a base.

Any other additions will be tracked at the appropriate time.

First goal is to regain the weight, strength and condition lost.
do you know anything better?


I tried mk677 for the first time ... awesome, I have an insatiable hunger.
I don't know if I can live like this. yesterday I ate all day and was never full.

Tren ACE 50 mg/ED (except Mondays)
Tri-tren 1ml on Mondays
TOT 450 tren per week

1 ml Test Undeco on Sunday
1/2 ml test E every Tuesday
1/2 ml test cyp Friday
TOT 475 mg Test per week

5 mg GW every morning
10 mg mk677 every morning

20 mg aromasin ED
this morning my weight is 173.7 ... rebound effect
it still lacks some strength and that feeling of fullness, but my weight is back to where it was before.
18 kg (39.68 lb) jasmine rice.

Brown basmati rice has a glycemic index of around 50. This is considered low and is great for managing diabetes, as this slow release of energy can stabilize both insulin and blood sugar levels. In contrast, jasmine rice has a glycemic index of up to 80, perfect for postworkout (150g for my diet).