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Looks like they’ve been shut down. Anyone have any info?

People please, stop with this they have been shut down again stuff, we have technicians that make updates on our ordering site and we're constantly doing maintenance.
If the site is down just remain patient and let the team do the appropriate updates, sometimes changing your VPN can also help and benefit a faster and more secure connection..

Wording things that we got shut down again is not entirely accurate and it's a bit misleading to certain readers..
Please do not take my tone as harsh, however this is a business and when someone read something like that they're going to translate it and interpret it in the exact way that they've read it.

Coming to the communities making posts like this is entirely unnecessary.
There's more ways and different avenues in which you can get a hold of representatives or even moderators from this community that will convey a message from you to us..
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