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Approved Log My TRT log

Today I did quads at my favorite gym 5:45 am on an empty stomach, right after a really good hydration... 10 min cardio, 30 min mobility routine and rock & roll..
3 giant sets as follows
1.- Legs extension 30reps (10 holding 2 sec on top, 10 normal and 10 holding again)
2.- Hack squats 21 reps (7 partial to botton, 7 complete range and 7 partial from top)
3.- legs extension 20 reps (10 holding on top and 10 normal)
4.- Sissy squat 15 to 20 reps
That was the 3 giant sets.
Next, I did smith machine pyramid squats with 4 sets 15 to 8 reps the heaviest (I got sore one knee) so that was all for quads today
Next calves on the seated machine 6 sets at failure 30 to 20 reps..
looks good
Today is pull day so I did back training this morning..
Back is my strong body part and my favorite to training. This is short but very intensive session.
3 giant sets as follow..
After warm up..
1.- weighted (45 pounds plate) wide grips pull ups 15 reps,
2.- wide grips without weights 15 reps,
3.- closed grip pull ups 10 reps,
4.- bent over barbell row 10 to 15 reps (3 plates each side),
5.- deadlift with the same barbell 10 to 12 reps,
6.- seated cable row (very strict) 15 reps,
7.-seated cable row cheated 15 reps,
8.- pull over with cable 20 reps...
As always on empy stomach.. no supplements or energy drinks, just coffe with stevia..
Today is zero carbs...
In the afernon I will do biceps...
people in blue zones actually take a lot of carbs as their macros. 60% even

but their carb choices are clean carbs and healthy carbs

brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, beans/peas, etc. that is what i'm saying. i'm not anti-carb at all. they stay super lean in those places and super healthy. but you gota get in the GOOD carbs.
how do you judge you aint got insulin sensitivity issues?
First off I'm not a doctor or professional so I don't recommend my plan to anybody without the supervision of any of them... I try to avoid abuse of any substance so I try to find the smallest dosage works... my main goal with insulin dose is it anabolic power..
Symptoms of insulin resistance
  • extreme thirst or hunger.
  • feeling hungry even after a meal.
  • increased or frequent urination.
  • tingling sensations in hands or feet.
  • feeling more tired than usual.
  • frequent infections.
  • evidence of high blood sugar levels in blood work.
I don't have any of them and my last blood work was in january and everything was ok... also I'm lean, my waist is getting smaller..
why do I know that I am very sensitive to insulin, well after the 4 IU dose right after my breakfast if I do not have my second meal after 2 and a half hours I start to feel mild symptoms of hypoglycemia and we are talking about my breakfast has included cakes or packages... many people would need higher dose to feel it... but I'm not a special person who is insulin sensitive, I've created an environment for that, remember I train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, I go several days low carb down to zero, so what happens in my body, my insulin production is turned off during that period, my pancreas is producing the hormone glucagon...
What I try to trigger are short periods of catabolism with short periods of anabolism... to avoid burning lean mass and also gaining fats... our bodies burn fat only for short periods since by staying longer in this state it will start to burn muscles , the same thing happens with anabolism, after a certain period you will begin to accumulate more fat than muscle... of course this is a slow process where the gains in muscle are small but I'm not hurry... also I'm not at the age to be getting giant.
training power
how much weight you putting up?
Remember I'm an old ass man... but I try to feel real, intense pain. In the hack squats 7 plates 45 pounds total (3 in one side and 4 in the another)
in the squats in the smith machine 3 plates each side at the end of workout I feel it like a
Today is zero carbs day this is one of my meals

Also I'm thinking to switch to Testosterone blend since I have 1 year on test enanthate..

Only I trust in human grade

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