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Scammer big scammers


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I learned my lesson about driadamedical
I sent my money via Western Union and never heard from them again. For sure they are a scammer. They took my money and they ran. Sent them over $600 in 2 separate transactions.
And to make matters worse they are pushed on other websites
Domestic Supply is well known as being an industry leader while being one of the most TRUSTED sites you can find! I would STRONGLY suggest you make the switch to Domestic Supply!
Domestic Supply is the very best source that you will find. I would definitely take your business to Domestic Supply!
Good afternoon and thank you for your interest in our brand.

Your statements are looks like fantasies more than a truth, and here is the proof:

1. is a company site, not a store. It is not possible to place an order on this site or send the money. Everyone can visit the site or check it in a waybackmachine and ensure that it’s impossible to send money to The only official link to reach our sales department is driadashop.EU

2. We do not accept payment via Western Union, therefore, even though the official driadashop.EU store, it is impossible to pay using this method.

3. We are glad that competitors care so much about us and make an additional mention of our company on the Internet, but the way you do it gives us more self-esteem and motivation to work than reputational damage.
So all arguments do not align with reality. Busted.
Have a nice day to all!

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