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VIP Hardcore
Sat i did arms. Great work out. Been feeling overall. Just body get hot very easy. Every night I pretty much sweat. Some isn't as bad. Get a good amount of carbs and protien.
I do like a cc and a quarter of 200mg test and 200 tren twice a week so its a little over 400 of each. Friends saying I look really thick. Chest and arms are up. Shirts are very tight.
Here's a pick from Saturday

Work out
Ez bar on lower cable curls
4x15 70
Seated inlcine alternating curls
4x12 35s
Seated machine preacher curls
4x15 60 70

Straight bar push downs
4x15 150 to 170
Lower cable kick backs
4x16-20 25lbs
Seated dip machine
4x15 170-190