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Steroids bulking on steroids

I’m looking to bulk up on steroids next
28 years old and I am 5 foot 9 inches in 175 pounds
spent the past two years training natural and put on about 20 pounds that way. Now I hit a wall
looking at doing the bulker stack
any advice on how best to use these in terms of dosing and length of cycle

Great question the 3 compound you have mentioned is superior stack. This cycle should add quality gains
Please be sure to have AI estrogen blocker (Arimidex)
To prevent any estrogen, build up.

Sustanon 500mg EW
Deca 400mg EW
Dbol 50mg ED

You can increase the doses duration of the mid cycle
Personally, I like to keep things at flow allow your receptors
To appreciate your slow gains duration of the cycle.

PCT is a must after the primary cycle.
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