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    SARMS Bulking on sarms possible?

    I have been using anabolic steroids for the past 10 years. do you think it's possible for me to start bulking on sarms after using steroids for that long? I'm up to 260 lb and 6 ft 3 in I was looking at some of the stronger sarms that are out like s23 and rad140 Would these be the best bets?
  2. F

    SARMS Endurance and strength with sarms

    I'm 32 years old and I would like to increase my endurance but also increase my strength I know doing both at the same time is hard to do which is why I want to try sarms I’m looking at sr9009 sarm, see it is very good for endurance benefits if I run that around 20 to 30 mg a day should I stack...
  3. L

    SARMS My endurance is weak, sarms?

    I just started running in this group and my endurance i noticed wasn’t good I actually had to stop halfway through the run and dry heaved a few times but nothing came out Its embarrassing a lot of chicks are faster than me and i’m as slow as the fat dudes What can i do here with sarms? I’m 230...
  4. P

    SARMS Check out my new sarms stack

    Hey, i’m 32 years old 5’10’’ 175 pounds 16% body fat Want to recomp a bit here I’m gonna be using: s4/andarine 50mgs a day Lgd4033 30mgs a day Gw cardarine 20mgs a day Anything else?
  5. M

    SARMS Using hcg with sarms?

    I know that sarms are slightly suppressive so would it be a good idea to run some hcg with them or is that pointless? My plan was this: Lgd4033 20mgs a day Rad140 20mgs a day Hcg 1000ius 2x per week Then do pct after 8 weeks
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    SARMS Sarms cutting effects

    I am desperate to cut down ahead of a vacation in march I am going to costa rica! Please help me cut down I’m currently 19% body fat and want to see my abs 5’8’’ 200 pounds and 24 yrs old My plan is GW cardarine 25mgs per day Sr9009 30mgs a day And maybe a 3rd sarm?
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    SARMS Sarms long term effects HPTA?

    I was wondering what the data and experience was with using sarms over the course of years And the effects they have on the HPTA Example can i expect my hpta to run more poor. I started using sarms at 20, now I am 24. Done about 6 sarms cycles.
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    SARMS Yk11 doesn’t work solo?

    I was reading online and they were saying that YK11 doesn’t work solo and you must stack it with something else I have been on it 2 weeks and not seeing much. What am I doing wrong and which sarms do I need to use with it? 5’8’’ 65kg
  9. V

    SARMS complicated sarms run

    I am looking to use sarms but I want to muddy the waters a bit and make this more complicated my plan is to run 1 sarm for 2 weeks each but double up the dosages so GW cardarine for example instead of 20mgs for 4 weeks, run 40mgs for 2 weeks. So I’m getting the same effects but more of a severe...
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    SARMS Cutting down with sarms help

    I’m looking to cut down this time I’m using testosterone and masteron already, which sarms would you recommend to add this for cutting purposes? Currently 240 pounds and 22% BODY FAT 24 years old
  11. I

    SARMS My sarms were on point

    38 years old, 5 ft 5 in + 140 lb I'm looking to bulk and put on some lean and clean weight on sarms this time I'm strongly interested in using s23. But don’t want to ruin my fertility what is the maximum amount of time you can run it where it won't bother my fertility at all
  12. M

    SARMS Advanced cutter stack?

    What do you think about the advanced cutter stack option for me. I’m 6’1’’ 260 pounds and 25% body fat, 37 years old GW 20mg a day SR9009 25mgs a day S4 50mgs a day Rad140 30mgs a day 12 weeks. Its expensive but will it help?
  13. A

    SARMS Gaining mass from GW?

    Is it possible to gain mass from gw cardarine? I been on it for 8 weeks and i am gaining muscle believe it or not I thought it was just for fat loss? I got it from the sponsor here. I will say i am eating more and working out like 6x a week. Could that be the reason?
  14. F

    SARMS Best sarms for HEALING

    I’m looking to heal my body Willing to listen to any type of advice on which sarms I'm supposed to use Heard good things on nutrobal and also ostarine mk2866 What are the differences between those two? I’m 57 years old, is it safe for my age?
  15. V

    SARMS I’m almost done with sarms cycle

    I'm coming towards the end of my current sarm cycle I did lgd 4033 and I did some rad-140 with it. I did 10 mg of the lgd and I did about 50 mg of the rad 140 my question is now toward post Cycle Therapy. How do I recover from a stack like this
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    SARMS LGD + GW + ostarine

    Looking to use 3 sarms on my next cycle My plan is lgd4033 20mgs per day Gw cardarine 10mgs a day Ostarine mk2866 25mgs per day I’m 5’9’’ 184 pounds and 20% body fat. Should i increase any dosage?
  17. I

    SARMS RAD cycle yay or nay

    I'm going to try rad 140 which sarm is going to work best to stack in with the rad my goals are lean muscle mass I'm 5 ft 9 in in 177 lb body fat is in the low-to-mid teens
  18. F

    SARMS Monstro or dylan for sarms knowledge?

    I’ve been reading these forums for a while but don’t post much I see there are 2 cool dudes on here. Monstro and Dylan who talk about sarms and post on social media. I saw monstro did a sarms stack on instagram and he looks crazy good. Dylan also looks good but not as much size I was wondering...
  19. O

    SARMS Pulled hamstring and sarms help

    So i pulled a hamstring today, not sure how it happened just a random thing where i twisted wrong what kind of sarm's will help when it comes to fixing this. I can't even tie my shoes or put my socks on my hamstrings hurt so much
  20. L

    SARMS 3rd sarms stack

    First 2 sarms stack i got fakes I am gonna use who you recommend, so give me a source I want to get a good feel of what sarms are like LGD4033 and gw cardarine are the 2 i am most interested in Thinking of 20mgs each per day I’m 25 5’11’’ and skinny fat