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    PuritySourceLabs Puritysourcelabs is the bomb!

    Let me tell you my review of puritysourcelabs Ordered anadrol Anavar And testosterone Products are very potent and work exactly as I thought. my strength increase was tremendous and I put over 25 lb on my bench press after 2 weeks. also notice incredible pumps where I was really getting into it...
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    PuritySourceLabs Puritysourcelabs peace of mind

    Puritysourcelabs PSL is a place where you can buy any PED or cycle drug or pct with peace of mind and no worries Had a few questions as newbie ordering online steroids. Sort of nervous They answered me with the utmost politeness and professionalism also my package got here safely with no issues...
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    Geneza geneza pharma quality

    quality on display on this current cycle. I’m 10 weeks into a 14 week run. Already seeing a huge Change in my physique. everyone at work is asking me what I am doing so I told them that I changed up my workout lol. They all think i am on steroids. great look happy. real steroids was so easy to...
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    PuritySourceLabs Puritysourcelabs makes it easy

    Gotta give puritysourcelabs PSL credit for doing a fantastic job when it comes to how easy it is to use them From using their website to placing the order. everything is so fast and easy to do. they send you instant updates as well when the product gets shipped and a tracking number soon...
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    NapsGear Having fun with napsgear products

    I am starting to have a lot of fun using steroids again. Its been a few years since i used them ever since before the pandemic hit one of the things that I wanted to accomplish this time was running a mild cycle with clean gear this was very important to me. That is why i picked napsgear I went...
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    Geneza Just got my Geneza pharma pack

    I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! Lol wanted to share my pack i got but can’t figure out how to post so i will just tell you I ordered 2 vials of testo CYp. and i also got 3 vials of primobolan, 2 vials of equipoise and 3 packets of anavar I'm planning to run this for the next 12 weeks...
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    Domestic-Supply Best Ai from domestic supply

    I'm going to be running a second cycle and I want to take testosterone 500 mg a week I have a question about the product and also about taking an aromatase inhibitor AI First question is doesn't matter which testosterone you take in terms of how much estrogen will get converted in the body? I've...
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    NapsGear My napsgear experience honest good and bad

    Hello, this was my 3rd cycle ever and first time using napsgear I did a 12 week napsgear cycle and 4 week pct My cycle was testosterone cypionate 500mgs a week Dianabol 30mgs a day for 5 weeks Aromasin 12.5mgs 3x per week Then i did a pct of nolvadex, clomid Felt amazing on cycle! And pct went...
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    Geneza Geneza pharma is the GOAT

    Former endurance athlete who turned to bodybuilding cause i crave a new challenge. What a great decision i made to use geneza pharma I’m loving my current geneza pharma cycle and i also used them on my first cycle Currently doing testosterone, equipoise and some dianabol My 2nd cycle is even...
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    PuritySourceLabs Legit gear from puritysourcelabs

    i wanted to go the aesthetic route so picked some good options for getting tighter. the downside is these aren't the cheapest steroids but these guys make it really affordable and it did not cost me as much as I thought it would. Very nice quality gear as well, orals are usually underdosed but...
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    PuritySourceLabs Puritysource labs website impressive

    Just want to give a shout out to the guys who run puritysourcelabs PSL the website is outstanding I wish I'd found them a long time ago and save me a lot of headaches basically you can go on the website and search for any type of steroid you want and they have so many different brands to choose...
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    PuritySourceLabs Puritysourcelabs two thumbs up

    Puritysourcelabs PSL is a quality source and dealer I give them a full 2 thumbs up. You guys were incredible on my last order Ordered on Thursday and it was in my mailbox on monday. now that is fast service and I am so happy that I need a decision to use them. I started taking the dianabol and...
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    Sources where is my stuff?

    Calling where is my stuff guys cmon man lol I’ve made the order 5 weeks ago and still waiting They gave me a tracking number and it says that it's waiting to be dispatched like what the heck does that even mean I really need my testosterone my numbers are dropping so quickly ever...
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    PuritySourceLabs Purity source labs are great

    I love PSL Great source for sure! I ordered their EP primobolan depot and did 100mgs EOD, i really enjoyed it I was able to recomp and lose body fat. My sides were like non existant. Absolutely loved this cycle and would recommend it for all. I have used primo before and it...
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    NapsGear Napsgear 10/10 in my book

    napsgear is a 10 Star Source as far as I'm concerned they blew me away with their level of professionalism I had an issue because I was trying to set up an account and I couldn't get any help. Steve and the guys had me get in touch with Mr. Brown who did a great job helping me. Turns out it was...
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    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply question about shipping

    Hey what is up everyone I ordered from domestic supply.. I got a bunch of stuff from them and spent my entire paycheck for the week. I got several injectables, some anavar and some clen too. I want to cut down hard for the summer. I just had a quick question about shipping. I placed the order a...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL is a solid source

    I will explain my experience with PSL and tell you how much i value their company I made an order and there was a mixup Where I had ordered the wrong steroid Esther because my friend told me the wrong information. The next day I messaged them in a panic cause i wanted to change my order. they...
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    Geneza Very little sides geneza pharma

    Very happy with my current cycle I have very little side effects I’m using testosterone + Equipoise 300mgs test and 500mgs EQ I have 7 weeks into it, solid 5 pounds up I’m also using their adex. Things are very smooth and no complaints. Just clean gains quality gear for sure
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    Domestic-Supply domestic supply orals outstanding

    do not hesitate to order from domestic supply if you are like me and like oral steroids. I am using their anavar and tbol and let me tell you the results have been outstanding. I’m on week 8 and up a clean 4 pounds but friends say i look much bigger. look way bigger. very simple ordering...
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    NapsGear napsgear touchdown

    i ordered a bunch of things from napsgear, they all got to me on time and i am very happy with it. Now the next step is starting my cycle which i will be doing tomorrow. The products look incredible. first order and happy. their ordering process is very fast and they delivered domestic in 3...
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