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    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply is A++ is who i will not go to for all my steroids They have the best service and products. I ordered several things from them and they all came in on time. I will be back for sure
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL took care of it

    had a slight hiccup when I ordered. They ended up getting me my product on time with no problem. only a slight delay. communication is good they took care of my payment problem. delivery was fast once they shipped it was at my door in less than 1 week. ordered primo, test cyp, dbol and results...
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    Geneza can feel a change on geneza pharma

    first time using geneza GP brand. Heard a lot of good things and tried them out. Well worth it. fantastic quality products. communication is easy and ordering is a breeze. delivery was good packages arrived perfect shape. i ordered testosterone, orals, and some AI’s. results were superb 12 week...
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    Geneza solid brand geneza pharma

    outstanding source to order from, the products are very effective. I have never ran better gear than this. easiest site to use. easy to order their site is trouble free. packaging was good vials arrived in 1 piece. ordered primo and testosterone. results are amazing effective for sure, will use...
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    Sources quality review

    steraas is g2g I tried them out just to see if they would be a good source I ordered 2 weeks ago and it arrived a week ago. I been on their stuff for a week, started right away already feeling it kicking in. Using their anadrol and doing 50mgs a day up 4 pounds and hard
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    Domestic-Supply Another domestic supply success

    I feel great on my current cycle I’m doing equipoise, testosterone and turinabol Using their new brands they are selling Up about 8 pounds too. I will be back for more and log it next go around
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    NapsGear Can feel the change on napsgear

    What an amazing experience If you compare a cycle from napsgear to a cycle from a typical UGL you can tell the difference in the quality of the gear I cannot wait for my next cycle. I feel amazing and I jumped out of bed every morning excited to go to the gym
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    Sources quality review reddit

    Ordered pharmaqo and alpha pharma brands from They also carry aslan pharma and xt labs Lots of great options to choose from and I was very pleased with how fast they shipped out my products Will recommend them again and again
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    NapsGear Update on napsgear order

    I was on here a month ago and I made a complaint in a thread and saying that napsgear Didn’t take care of me on my order I just wanted to come back and update what I said because I promised I would if they made good They not only made good on something that wasn’t their fault but they also...
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    PuritySourceLabs easy as pie PSL

    I love online shopping already so going on PSL’s website and seeing all the cool stuff they have is like shopping for xmas lol I ended up making a large order and then 2 weeks order did another order again both orders came within a week. So they are very easy to deal with
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    Domestic-Supply Professionals at domestic supply

    Domestic supply are the ultimate professionals I had an issue with my order in a couple reps got a hold of me Jason Priest was the guy who helped me pick out my cycle on their website so i could order 2 weeks later i had the steroids in front of me. Great job DS and the team there
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    Sources is quality gear

    I wanted to try the testosterone enanthate from roidschamp. this was my first time using test E I really like it because I could feel the difference. my libido went from nothing to being horny everyday and my erections are much better and stronger this is a good quality product
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    Sources review reddit

    I am so happy I got my package today from buygorillaking Took about two weeks to get to me and so far I am loving this gear I have been on it for about 3 weeks. I give them a definite 10/10 across the board. I am using their anadrol, and trenbolone Very strong already
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    Sources I want to post a review on

    Ordered some primobolan and testosterone from script There was some post injection pain with primo but it goes away after a couple days and is bearable my packaging was tight and had no issues with the arrival. Only took two weeks to deliver. I'm 6 weeks into it and I'm seeing some decent gains...