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    Geneza loaded up on geneza pharma

    i am so confident in the GP brand that i bought a bunch of the product that i will stash away for a couple years. They are excellent with shipping and know how to get it to me safely. i am loving their products. communication was smooth no worries ordering a bunch. packaging was solid tight with...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL running up the dose

    one of the things I noticed when I use PSL is when i run up the dose the sides go up a lot and i get less results. so I have learned when I'm using their products to use a low to moderate amount and that is enough to get Sensational results doing my research it seems like this is a good sign...
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    Sources solid choice

    Steroidsonlinecanada is a solid choice if you are in this country A lot of the steroids are underdosed in Canada, that is a fact. You can run 1000mgs of test and it will be like using 300mgs of legit pharma grade gear. this source does sell very high quality underground steroids for a fair price
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    Sources Nothing from

    I did everything I was supposed to do and nothing to show for it I used realgear store This stuff is crap. Was not at all impressed with the results and have nothing to show for it I did testosterone 500mgs and equipoise with it. 12 weeks. Felt like i wasn’t even on gear. Could they have sent me...
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    Sources free products!

    Balkanpharm is an awesome source Free products galore. They sent them to me and then said they would send me more if i agreed to log them. 3 weeks into cycle i am already up 20 pounds. I am using anadrol and testosterone 500mgs a week. Follow my log on meso rx
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    Sources solid as usual

    I ordered from megagear As usual a solid experience Placed the order on about the 10th, got it to me on the 16th. Took about a week total Won't’ find a faster source than this!
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    PuritySourceLabs Kudos to vision and psl team

    All my questions have been answered in a prompt manner I'm reading on here and seeing all the people that vision and the PSL team have helped so I know it isn't just me that they are helping on a day-to-day basis. It's a great pleasure to use these guys as a source for that reason
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    Geneza geneza pharma is my go to source

    if you haven’t tried them before, then try it. Its legit products. I have tried their orals and injectables all good. perfect brand to try. communication is good they are fast to respond. delivery and packaging is awesome, no problems. ordered test and winstrol. results are top notch getting...
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    PuritySourceLabs Good review with PSL

    I’m riding with PSL from now on These are quality people that run that outfit down there I ordered 2 injectables and 2 orals Package arrived today surprisingly in 1 tightly packed box. They did a great job concealing what it was
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    Domestic-Supply domestic-supply nailed things

    i ordered a bunch of products from them. They were on the ball and this will be my source to go to going forward. solid source, recommend them. ordering is easy they ship fast. delivery was amazing within days got it. ordered deca, sustanon. results are superb had 15 pounds added to frame.
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    Geneza geneza gets a good review from me

    I'm not one to give reviews but these guys earned one from me. I ordered several steroids and had them both lab tested and bloodwork done. all the products tested perfect. ordering was easy no problems at all. package was delivered on time as they said. ordered EQ, tren, test. results are...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL blew me away

    PSL has amazing products and service. I have been literally amazed by how amazing they have been to me. good on their word. communication was good and it took 10 days to get my stuff. delivery was fast, came early. ordered test, tren, masteron. results are amazing physique never looked better.
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    Sources 2 orders missing

    I don't feel like it is a coincidence at all. I used steroids UK 2 orders i made. The first never showed up. I had them reship a month later and i had to pay for the reship per their policy Second one did not show up either. No tracking at all. They only reship once so now I am out my money. Is...
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    Geneza Surprised how good geneza is

    Geneza pharma is a really amazing steroid and i am super excited to try it Very professionally packaged and shipped I opened up the box and i was so excited. Been on their anavar for 4 weeks and already seeing a feeling the change to my body. Also doing their testosterone cyp. Its solid!
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    Geneza Geneza up 15 pounds

    just got off my geneza pharma cycle so wanted to chime in and give you an honest review of my experience I gained about 15 pounds I was using sustanon and superdrol. I stopped the SD after 4 weeks and kept 500mgs of sustanon for 12 weeks Sensational gains for sure on this one
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    Domestic-Supply A+ experience domestic supply

    No complaints i can make about domestic supply I made a pretty large order a lot of gear for me they split my order I got my first one after just four days. I then got My second one after an additional six days. they made sure that I got my products safely and within a good time frame. I suggest...
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    SARMS Just a normal joe using sarms

    I'm just a normal guy I'm not a bodybuilder at all would like to try using performance enhancers in sarms seems like something appealing 28 years old and 5 ft 8 in 160 lb just looking for a little bit of an edge in the gym would lgd 4033 work good or should I take something else
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    Sources Give a shot

    Used another source recently and their products gave me allergies and made me sick Trying syncstudio and no problems so far I’m doing testosterone propionate and running it 1/2CC ED No problems at all on it.
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    NapsGear Napsgear will use them in the future

    I am so happy i decided to trust everyone on here and go with napsgear They are solid for sure I ordered 2 orals and 3 injectables from them for myself and my friend We both have been on their gear for 10 weeks and both have had amazing results. He is up 6 pounds and i am up 9 pounds. Very pleased
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL got me my items safely

    I am so happy. Yesterday i checked my mail and my package was in the box I didn’t even know it was here yet I had ordered 2 vials of testosterone enanthate and 2 vials of equipoise Nothing was broken and the package looks non suspicious. Great source!