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    Steroids More of an easy going stack

    I did Trenbolone for a couple years and I want to try to ease back on my steroid dosing and use something more mild I'm up to 225 lb and 5 ft 10 in. I'm 35 years old do you think I should switch to equipoise or primobolan? I wanted to do 500mgs each And how much test with them?
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    Steroids Mild steroid stack options

    I have some ideas for a mild steroid cycle primobolan masteron anavar equipoise deca durabolin testosterone which of those 3 would you run for a mild steroid stack? I want to put on lean muscle mass I’m 5’11’’ 175 pounds about 11% body fat and 40 yrs old
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    Geneza Geneza mix i did

    Just came off a geneza pharma cycle Great results, could not be happier This time i did primobolan, trenbolone and anavar Those 3 together were amazing. Yes it wasn’t the cheapest cycle but geneza sells the real stuff for a good price. Be back again
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    Steroids How would you add hgh here?

    Right now i am gonna run so far 250mgs testosterone enanthate 400mgs primobolan 800mgs equipoise How much hgh would be a good idea here?
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    Steroids best way to use primo

    hello, reading some old school info seems like primobolan was a good steroid back in the day I’m young but I have an old school mentality wondering what is the best way to use primobolan my goals are lean muscle mass. I’m 26 years old 5’6’’ 155 pounds and 9% body fat
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    Podcast Hardcore 9 - Primobolan (Methenolone), Doses and Side Effects

    In this IronOverLoad episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster from the UK Iron Den check out Primobolan (Methenolone), Doses and Side Effects. We discuss: We talk about how it came to be chosen by bodybuilders Potential side effects and, as we will do in every episode, how to deal with them...
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    Steroids Test levels are average

    My testosterone levels are too average, i feel like that is translating to average results in the gym I’ve only improved my lifts like 5-10 pounds over the past few months I’m 27 years old and never used any sort of PED. 6 foot tall and 80kg Is it okay if i do a cycle like this: 600mgs a week...
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    Steroids Anavar and primo cycle cost

    these seem to be two of the most expensive steroids Also saw masteron too was expensive Let’s say i was to use all 3 Anavar 50mgs a day Primobolan 300mgs a week Masteron 300mgs a week how much would a cycle like this cost and how long would I have to use it for I'm 35 years old 5 ft 8 in 160 lb
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL is incredibly fast

    I ordered primobolan, anavar/oxandrolone and masteron propionate from PSL the stuff came really fast. The first time I ordered it only took a week, this time it was even faster I am very impressed with their level of customer service and their website is very easy to use. I would definitely use...
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    Steroids Max dosage of test in a cycle?

    what is the maximum amount of testosterone that you recommend using in a cycle I'm either going to be stacking in testosterone with equipoise or primobolan haven't decided either but I'm going to do 500 mg of them. How much test would work good? I’m 29 years old and this is my 2nd time using...
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    Steroids Steroid stack for me mild

    I'm 44 years old 6 ft 3 in 187 lb 12% body fat I'm looking to do a mild steroid stack How about primobolan 500mgs a week anavar/oxandrolone 50mgs a day Would 12 weeks be long enough and how long can i run the var?
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    Steroids Primobolan cycle help

    I am currently 31 years old, 5’11’’ and 188 pounds, body fat is 13% or close to that back in college I used primobolan but didn’t know what we were doing. I think I used deca with it or something this time I want to do it right how much should I use and for how long? I want to gain lean mass
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    Steroids primobolan cycle thoughts

    I’m 5’9’’ 188 pounds 16% body fat, 30 years old I want to lose fat I’m gonna do 800mgs a week primobolan what do you recommend I stack with it? Primo is expensive I don’t want to screw things up. I’m on trt so I do 200mgs a week test already
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    Scammer Lumps injecting

    Driademedical is a source i just used I ordered sustanon and primobolan from them I have been injecting both and I'm having a lot of issues with lumps and red soreness. It's gotten so bad that I can't even lay down from the pain do you think this gear is garbage and should I try something else
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    Steroids Dbol and primo cycle

    33 years old, 5 ft 10 in, 172 lb looking to put on lean muscle mass on this next cycle Planning on doing primobolan and dianabol Would this work good? 500mgs primobolan 20-25mgs dbol How much test to use? I don’t want to put on a lot of bloat
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    Cycles Ready for big cycle

    this is going to be my biggest cycle to date I’m 6’ tall and i weigh around 220 pounds Body fat is about 16% What would you change from the below? Masteron propionate 300mg per week Trenbolone acetate 400mgs/week Primobolan 500mgs per week Testosterone Cypionate 1000mgs per week I'm already on...