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    Steroids Best recomp stack

    Looking to run a recomp stack I’ve got several steroids on hand Trenbolone Ace, masteron propionate, and testosterone propionate 50mgs of each per day a good dose or should i dose EOD? 28 5’10’’ 189 pounds 12% body fat
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    Steroids Mild steroid stack options

    I have some ideas for a mild steroid cycle primobolan masteron anavar equipoise deca durabolin testosterone which of those 3 would you run for a mild steroid stack? I want to put on lean muscle mass I’m 5’11’’ 175 pounds about 11% body fat and 40 yrs old
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL has great service

    had some issues when I place my order that were my fault and they worked with me and corrected the errors to get me my products timely fashion.. they took care of me. Communication & Ordering process was great service on point Delivery & Packaging was amazing. got to me safely. Ordered tbol...
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    Steroids Been training for 3 years off and on

    Monstro can you please look over this cycle and tell me if i am ready Trenbolone 1000mgs a week Masteron 1200mgs a week 12 weeks Cruise 300mgs testosterone for 10 weeks Then blast same cycle 12 more weeks
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    Steroids Tren cycle input here

    I’m 43 years old, took 5 years off from steroids. 5’6’’ 168 pounds and 14% body fat Looking for more size and strength Check out my tren cycle and tell me what i should change 400mgs trenbolone per week 500mgs masteron per week 400mgs equipoise per week 50mg a day anadrol Pct: Nolva, clomid...
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    Geneza geneza pharma tren stack

    i love using these guys. My favorites are their orals, but this time i tried out some injectables. I’m looking like a beast. some of the best gear i have used. communication is good i had 2 questions which they responded fast. delivery and packaging was impressive wrapped package got here on...
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    Podcast Hardcore 10 - Masteron (Drostanolone), Doses and Side Effects

    In this IronOverLoad episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster from the UK Iron Den check out Masteron aka Drostanolone. It's doses and side effects and more. We discuss: Its medical background, the date it was first seen in use and who produced it Its reputation as a hardener and what that...
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    Steroids Major recomp time

    35 years old at my all time peak 8% body fat, 6’1’’ 196 pounds I want to get more ripped Here is my stack: Masteron propionate Proviron Trenbolone And Anavar How would you stack this?
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    Geneza Geneza masteron options

    I see geneza has some geneza options You have masteron propionate and masteron enanthate I don’t understand the differences in them. They both are different prices. Should i just go with the higher priced version or does it not matter?
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    Geneza geneza pharma high end gear

    they have a wide selection of both orals and injectable oils. I decided to go with injectables this time. Cannot believe how solid my results are so far. quality of products is what i like. ordering is easy and they communicated perfectly. delivery was good pack received on schedule. i ordered...
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    Steroids Anavar and primo cycle cost

    these seem to be two of the most expensive steroids Also saw masteron too was expensive Let’s say i was to use all 3 Anavar 50mgs a day Primobolan 300mgs a week Masteron 300mgs a week how much would a cycle like this cost and how long would I have to use it for I'm 35 years old 5 ft 8 in 160 lb
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    Geneza geneza pharma are pros at this

    Professional brand/source. They ship out within a few days can I ask for anything more than that and I will be back again. they are a quality brand. ordering and communication is fast all the way. delivery was good got exactly what i ordered. i've ordered masteron and primo. results are...
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    PuritySourceLabs PSL is incredibly fast

    I ordered primobolan, anavar/oxandrolone and masteron propionate from PSL the stuff came really fast. The first time I ordered it only took a week, this time it was even faster I am very impressed with their level of customer service and their website is very easy to use. I would definitely use...
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    PuritySourceLabs Euro-Pharmacies TRT PLUS

    Praise to this excellent product
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    Steroids Hgh and testosterone cycle

    So I am getting help buy a personal trainer I am skinny fat i would say My stats are 5’7’’ and 175 pounds and 15% body fat He wants to put me on 4iu’s hgh per day along with testosterone 500mgs a week and also suggested masteron, clenbuterol and winstrol Should i just use the hgh and test or...
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    Steroids First time with steroids but older guy

    I am an older guy who was 44 years old and this is the first time that I have thought about using anabolic steroids. I'm not going to use them until I do all my research first that is why I'm posting Right now i am closer to 200 pounds and i want to get lower. I’m 18% body fat and i’m 5’6’’ What...
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    Steroids Does masteron or proviron cause hair loss?

    I am about to do a cutting cycle where I'm going to run testosterone for 10 weeks then switch to masteron and proviron for the last 6 weeks I’m gonna do 300mgs of the test, then do 500mgs masteron and 50mgs proviron I am looking to cut down hard. How much do these really bother the hair? I’m...
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    Cycles Ready for big cycle

    this is going to be my biggest cycle to date I’m 6’ tall and i weigh around 220 pounds Body fat is about 16% What would you change from the below? Masteron propionate 300mg per week Trenbolone acetate 400mgs/week Primobolan 500mgs per week Testosterone Cypionate 1000mgs per week I'm already on...
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    Cycles using Masteron instead of winstrol?

    what would be the difference if i were to use masteron instead of winstrol? Last cycle I ran the Winny 100mgs day and shredded up a lot. i was so dry my joints actually would crack while i lifted. someone told me that masteron was safer to use cause it doesn't ruin the joints the same way. but...