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    SARMS Finishing up sarms now, now what?

    I am almost done with my sarms stack I did lgd4033 for 8 weeks and did 30mgs a day My results were decent. I put on about 3 pounds total. Seems to be quality gains. I do not think i lost any body fat, but maybe a little I'm currently 163 lb and 5 ft 7 in. and 28 years old I would like to maybe...
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    Steroids 1 year on steroids

    I have been on steroids for 1 year straight I have been doing 500 mg of testosterone and then blasting Trenbolone and equipoise here and there I have gained about 25 pounds in that span Most of my gains happened the first 3 months I want to come off steroids but am worried i will lose my gains...
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    Supplements Supplements that work!

    I've tried just about every supplement out there and I don't see much of an improvement when I am training. I know that I am a hardgainer but I'm currently 138 lb and 5 ft 7 in. Do you think that I can try something that is more powerful and get some type of improvement or am I just destined for...
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    Podcast Hardcore 29 - Weightlifters guide to maintenance and Gains

    In this IronOverLoad episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster from the UK Iron Den discuss weightlifters guide to maintenance and gains Why strength cycles are a good idea How to tweak your diet and training post cycle to keep gains Why you must NEVER max out in training Avoiding over...