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    Videos Winstrol Facts FULLY Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I love this compound but feel like too many guys with higher body fat think it will shred them.
  2. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Steroids How to use steroids in my situation

    You would have to go back down to TRT levels a month or so before your next blood work to not have issues.
  3. Masonic Bodybuilder

    IO Sponsor Hardcore 14 - Anavar and Tbol Stacked

    Great show. I love discussing interesting combinations.
  4. Masonic Bodybuilder

    SARMS Want to use sarms to get ripped

    Definitely stay away from reddit sources man. Go with either or Umbrella Labs. Both are top notch. I would go with Cardarine, N2Slin, and one more SARM. Either RAD or S4 in my opinion.
  5. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Supplements Getting too fat

    Add N2Slin at 2 caps before meals 3x per day. Pick your 3 largest meals or the ones with the most carbs in it assuming you eat at least 3 meals per day.
  6. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Steroids Best recomp stack

    I recommend EOD and just focus on that diet for a true recomp.
  7. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Videos The Mystery of Anadrol and Estrogen Side Effects: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Really interesting topic. So important to get this info out there too because it seems like the popularity of anadrol is rising. Definitely worth having nolva on hand if you run this.
  8. Masonic Bodybuilder

    SARMS yellow tint when I wake up

    The yellow tint is from the S4 as it metabolizes. Nothing to be worried about. The others though, not sure what would cause that. Where did you get the products from?
  9. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Supplements supplements for my wife and I

    N2Guard, Krill-TS, Ancient Strength would be my choices.
  10. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Steroids tren help this time

    I actually prefer tren E for less pinning.
  11. Masonic Bodybuilder

    IO Sponsor Domestic supply (tren,test,anadrol) log

    Nice session man. Love the log so far.
  12. Masonic Bodybuilder

    IO Sponsor hell yeah domestic supply!

    Great pictures, great gear! Domestic-Supply is the best source you will find.
  13. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Supplements How to boost testosterone after cycle

    N2Generate ES would be my go to for this goal. What did the rest of your bloods look like besides testosterone?
  14. Masonic Bodybuilder

    SARMS fat loss help sarms

    Ostarine would be a perfect compound to add to Cardarine. Focus on diet, be consistent and the results will come.
  15. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Domestic-Supply PROMO for posting TD and Tests!

    Love this! Can't wait to see all those beautiful TD pictures.