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UncleZ What is your "WHY"?


Why are you into Bodybuilding?
Are you in it for the health benefits?
To live longer?
To provide inspiration to others?
To impress the ladies?

Everyone has a reason and every ones reason is different. There really isn’t a wrong or right answer to this question.

Additionally, since getting into bodybuilding, has it become a life style change for the better?
Has it increased your focus?
Performance outside of the gym?
Is your mental clarity more precise?
Have you become more disciplined?

What is your “WHY”

I will start this off. I originally got in to bodybuilding because my kids were getting to the age that I could see grand kinds in the future and I wanted to be there when they came into the world. Since then, I do it more for me than anyone else. But I do love the increased libido and the increased mental clarity that even running a TRT level of Testosterone provides. Additionally, it makes me feel great when someone does point out that I have inspired them to work towards a goal and get more fit and healthy.
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