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Approved Log Push50's 2022 Winter Bulk

Another good day but busy out of the chute at work. One meeting after the other and what little time I am having between meetings is taken up with Trial Batches in the lab.

So, this is my typical post workout breakfast meal. I feel like I am putting on more fat than I would like to so I have started cardio again and I am running that fasted in the am.
Typical Breakfast - Post-Workout.jpg

Chest, Triceps, Abs. & Oblique’s
Declined Bench – 130@3x8
Flat Bench – 190@3x8
Seated Flies – 100@3x8
High Cables – 30@3x8
Cable Cross-Overs – 30@3x8

EZ Bar Reverse – 65@3x8
Rope Pulldowns – 120@3x8
V-Bar Push Downs – 120@3x8
Closed Reverse Bench – 130@3x8

Post Workout
English Muffin
1 Cup Cream of Rice
1 Cup Egg Whites

Meal 2
8 oz Mississippi Mud Roast
1.5 cups Mashed Potatoes

Meal 3
8 oz Ground Venison w/20% Pork Fat Added
1.5 Cups Rice
1 pear

Meal 4
8 oz Venison Burger w/20% Pork Fat Added
1.5 cups Oven Baked Potatoes
1 pear

Meal 5
Crock Pot Orange Chicken
Fried Rice
This has been a good week. Very busy at work but not horrible since the season hasn’t really started yet. Just a lot of R&D in the lab. Feeling stronger today than I have in a long time. I think maybe just everything is coming together.

So Wednesday is an Off day but I did hit an hour of Cardio. I just feel like I am putting on too much fat. Of course, I realize that some of it could just be fluid retention, but in order not to set myself back I have gone back to cardio every day for 45 min to an hour. The exception is Leg Day when I only do a warmup for 15-30 mins. I have also dropped one meal but if I get hungry between any meals, I always have extra food on hand in my lunch box and lab. Mostly sardines, tuna and herring, tabasco sauce and crackers.


  1. Squats – 200x10 – 220x10 – 240x10 – 270x10
  2. Hack Squats – 180x10 – 200x10 – 220x10
  3. Extensions - 70@4x10
  4. Lying Curls- 70@4x10
  5. Split Squat 20’s@4x10
  6. Treadmill 3mph@10%-30 minutes
Meal 1

2 whole eggs
2 English muffins
1/2 Tomato
1 Jalapeno
2 oz Sliced cheddar
2 pieces Canadian Bacon

Meal 2
8 oz Ground Venison
2 cups rice

Meal 3
2 Turkey Sandwiches w lettuce, tomato, jalapeno

Meal 4
8 oz Ground Venison Patty - Grilled
2 Potatoes

Meal 5
3 Lemon Pepper Pork Chops - Air Fried
1.5 cups potatoes au gratin
1 cup Zucchini - Air Fried
Meals are still standard; however, I am going to reduce the calories over the next week and start cutting the carbs down. I just feel better on a low carb diet. I wanted to try something different with the high carbs and I did. I don’t like it much. I am feeling stringer every day and all my lifts are going up. I have no intention of getting crazy with the weights though. Sex drive is great, needing a little help in that area but its on and off. I can’t blame the deca since this was happening prior to my cycle. I have Cialis and PT-141 both on hand so no problems.

Upper Back, Lower Back, Traps
Upper Back

Pull Ups 3xFailure
Wide Grip Pull Downs - 160@3x8
Bent over Barbell Row - 160@3x8
Closed Grip Pull Downs – 160@3x8

Lower Back:
Reverse Grip Lat Pull downs – 160@3x8
Good Mornings – 65@3x8

Shrugs (Barbell(Up) – 160@3x8
Shrugs (Barbell(Back) – 160@3x8
Treadmill 3mph@10% - 45 minutes

Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms, Abs. & Oblique’s

Superman 65@3x8
Arnold Press 30@3x8
Military Press 110@2x8,
Front raises 65@ 3x8
Lat Pushdowns 140 @ 3x8

Preacher Curls 65 @ 3x8
Hammer Curls 35@ 3x8
EZ Bar Wide Grip 65@ 3x8

Hanging Crunch 3X10
Knee Raise with Twist Power Tower 3x10
Rocky 4’s 3x8
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