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Lab Tests PSL blood TEST results 2/2022




(Here is just 5 pages of 11, the rest of my health markers were all within GOOD ranges, except 2 of 55 markers that were "slightly" off by literally a few digits) - Dehydration mostly

My most recent bloodwork that was pulled last week, I've been running EP Euro-Pharmacies Testosterone Cypionate at 200mgs 1 x every 6 days for several weeks now, with the ongoing treatment of EP Euro-Pharmacies Proviron at 75mgs ED for many months as usual. I also did NOT follow a schedule with AI timing, taking very minimal amounts Exemestane at 10mg occasionally, if that.

I was a tad bit dehydrated during this time, I wasn't drinking enough fluids the days leading up, simply just enough for comfort but not nearly enough that is "expected" of me.
I was fasted and did NOT consume any supplements/daily vitamins of any sort pre-bloods.

For transparency purposes, my bloods were pulled roughly 14 hrs after last injection. I forgot that I had an opponent until the morning of, due to a conflict in my schedule I had to keep the initial appointment.
This is not entirely a bad thing; Test levels may reach up to 400% 24hrs post IM and can reach supratherapeutric Cmax 24hrs or even up to 3-5 days post injection. Without post bloods serval days out, it would be presupposing that these results are that of the prior IM the week before with the newly administered IM shot.

The end result, I'm very satisfied because these are pre-blast bloods, transitioning into 200mgs M-W-F schedule with EP test cyp for the next serval weeks.