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Price Match Policy

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At we are offering a price match policy. If you find any matching products on the domestic market cheaper from a legit supplier we will provide the same price + you will get a bonus.

Bonus depends on your orders total amount. It can be free shipping, an additional discount, or we can add an additional product for free to your order!

Out of stock items will not work with this policy.

Unlike most competitors, we do not use third party companies that provide a dropshipping service, which enables us to be in full control over the entire process. That is why choosing us, you can be sure of safety and timely provision of service.

This means ordering different brands and different products from us you will not have to pay for shipping in double or triple as it happens in other stores. Example if you want Balkan, Pharmacom and Spectrum in a single order, there will only be 1 shipping fee because they all come from the same warehouse.
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