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Steroids Pre-loading syringes with gear - Just know you have options with pre-fillable syringes, they are designed for this. Let's talk about it!


Pre-loading syringes with gear - Just know you have options with pre-fillable syringes, they are designed for this. Let's talk about it!

Pre-loading pins seems to be a topic that resurfaces from time to time. Questioners particularly are looking for alternatives with scheduling and convenience. Especially when using shorter esters in a cycle, such as NO-ESTER/Suspensions, PhenylPropionate, Propionate, Acetate, HGH/peptides or even long esters when used for frequency with stable blood serums..
Certainly this practices can be done successfully, yet what truly defines successful? Yes, pre-loading plastic common medical syringes has been used, and will work, yet the inquirer stops there and adbots the practice as the best alterative.

Let's look beyond the simple fact about it being effective, but is it truly advantageous, and at what cost?

They said they do it with no problem - so can I?

Don't fall into the Monkey see Monkey do mentality..
You aren't limited with options..


Sust redijects are a prime example on why this can be done and has been done, and it's also an example of why this specific pharma group opt to use GLASS barrels and a thicker/more durable plunger made from the same contents as rubber stoppers that are assembled on most common model medication vials as a protection barrier.. It is Pre-loaded, yet different delivery methods/content housing compared. Two entirely different technologizes and practices when comparing the differences, with pre-packaged redi loaded syringes vs PED users using plastic disposable syringes pre-loading for days or weeks out.. Both are designed and intended for different practices!

  • The plungers in pre-filled, prefillable, heparin flush, saline flush or insulin syringes are not effected with prefilling because they are designed for this with a much longer shelf life, compared to to hazards that come with home/personal plastic use needles - Lets no forget that this depends on what drug is being contained.. Solvents are VERY, VERY HARSH and degradation would likely begin within hrs/days, depending on the carrier type and solvent ratios.
  • When using aqueous solutions, the shelf-life would be much greater with little to no effects on the plunger/barrel of the syringe. With safe practice/safe storage in refrigeration with the contained solution could last up until its very own expected expiration date post reconstitutions.

If anyone has ever squeeze their own juice (home-brewed), they would know why it's not advisable to pre-load common pins. What I mean, why do you think they use Glass Beakers and/or glass rods when brewing, or why it's best/highly suggested to use a GLASS vacuum suction filter filtration kits, in lieu of the plastic ones? After just one filtration in the plastics ones you can feel the tackiness of the interior of the plastics, it gets sticky because it degraded, also this is why the final product is held in a glass media storage bottle or glass flask.. Solvents are added after filtration, but the point is if someone did a second pass for safe measures, you'll see exactly what solvents are capable of doing (this is simple an example of degradation)..

Fact of the matter is, the plungers have a tendency to degrade, along with micro-plastic residues from the barrel/plunger marring with the contained contents, incidentally this will be introduced into your system, time and time again.
Consequently, the potential health risks are not worth the temporary returns..

So, Why not spend the money and get PREFILLABLE syringes? Hmmmm...:hmm:
For Pre-loading - its highly suggested to use glass syringes.. BD makes them, people can find them on amazon, there's quite a few manufactures out there. Prices will vary.

Don't trade health and longevity over convivence..

My point of view, my way of thinking, simply just my .02