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Scammer Not gonna use again


New member
not going to use these guys again after what they put me through
it's been a mess from the get-go
after I send them the money I check with them to see if they got it and the guy said no. but I confirm that it didn't go through. 2 Days Later a message again and I asked when my product will be shipped and then he says that I owe him more money. So first they didn’t get it, then i owed them more.
Its a scam!


It is so important that you read reviews, check user feedback, look for bloodwork posts and well as progress pics that are out there... You will find that Domestic Supply consistently comes up as being the favorite and I can tell you that my best results have come with their products

Fella Finn

I would STRONGLY suggest you visit Domestic Supply moving forward. They are know for being the go to place for so many ! You have so many options of the top brands to choose from along with the best customer service and shipping speed!