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Sources fake hgh?


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So i am taking 4iu’s per day of hulkroids hgh
Something is wrong
Not seeing any changes, maybe some weight loss but not much
No changes to my sleep, no changes to my recovery. Its been 2 months on. I am spending a lot of money on this crap so i’m mad!
this is all about trust, which is hard with anything in life and definitely in this realm... you want to be able to see many years of reviews, feedback, bloodwork etc... my best experiences have always come with domestic supply
Far and away, Domestic Supply is the best source you will find. I would recommend that you make the switch so you never have to worry about any issues again!
You should stick with trusted sources going forward to avoid buying fake or adulterated gear. I rep UPsteroid and you can get genuine gear from top Pharmas and labs from us today
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