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Finished my "cycle" with igf1-lr3.
In all, I think I used 7 bottles.

Yesterday I was looking in the mirror at the gym and it must be the gym lights, but my shoulders are much rounder than normal.

I only used postworkout 4 days a week.
100 up to 300 mcg to try, say 200 on average most of the time.
I have not injected bilaterally and not into the trained muscle.
I just used alternating shoulders.

I've never had particular side, no hypo, no pip (God forbid, for some water...)
in short, everything is fine.
I see myself much fuller and rounder especially in the shoulders and trapezius.

Experience that I will definitely repeat later.

IGF1-LR3: This peptide has also been tried and approved


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when the butcher sees me, he gets dollar eyes.
$250 I left him for 35 lbs of meat