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I'll keep it short for you.
I was bitten by a dog.
the left hand is out of action.
Upper body training, other than some abs and maybe some shoulder machines is out for at least a couple of weeks.
I will take advantage of this to train my lower body better.

And I also take the opportunity to use these
tb500 and bpc-157
Let's try to recover quickly

forced training change.

Monday and Thursday: full legs
Tuesday and Friday: upper body. obviously I can't train everything, but I can use certain machines.
chest, shoulders and triceps
Wednesday and Saturday: abs - rest day
God didn't even work on Sunday :D

I escaped from the city and civilization this weekend to go do cardio in the snow.

but I brought you a couple of memories:
a steak worth over a pound
a pan of venison (very good)
and since this morning I have returned to my diet
rice, peas and meat. the breakfast of champions.


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