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Approved Log Euro-Pharmacies' products LOG (the best or nothing)

Unconventional PuritySourceLabs TD

2 X Semaglutide
3 X Izotex
1 X Raloxifex
3 X Clenbuterox-INJ
15 X CJC-1295 with DAC
3 X TAD600- Glutathione
6 X BPC157
6 X Thymosin Beta(TB4) Tb-500
10 X HGH Frag(176-191)
6 X IGF 1-LR3

+ a lot of Bacteriostatic Water
This summer, at the low point of my weight, I ended up weighing 158.5.
On average I remained at 163-165.

This morning I was 176.3
But mind you, this is not an arrival point, this is my starting I start the bulk

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