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Approved Log Euro-Pharmacies Clenbuterol injectable mini-log

day 8

not much to report.
everything is going well between heat and tremors
Day 7

Day after day the first week went by.
I love this product more and more.
Shortly after injecting the Clenbuterol I literally feel my heart beating and…I FEEL ALIVE!!!
IM glad u like that feeling because I hate it
Day 10

Last day?
There will be a bonus day tomorrow.
Maybe not a whole ml, but that's a bonus, it's always good
Day 11 - Bonus day.

oh yes, because 10 ml, 1 ml a day, today is the 11th day so 1/2 ml more ... besides the fact that I am always very generous with the doses :D

Today I'm sad, no clenbuterol for me :(

However, I rejoice to think that I have another bottle and will soon be taking more and more.

Final Thoughts:
I generally take 1 or 2 tabs orally (40 - 80 mcg).
This time "only" 50 mcg by injection.

The big difference I noticed is that this injectable Clenbuterol gets into the blood much faster than the oral version.
The peak is much higher and the short term effects are greatly amplified.
For the rest, there is still clenbuterol.... heat, sweat, racing heartbeat, and the much loved hand shakes :D

For those who love clen, I can only recommend that you at least try this version.
For those who, on the other hand, don't like or don't support the effects of clen... well, it's not for you.

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