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Videos Dylan Gemelli Podcast with huge first guest Kenny KO!!

WOW!!! That is huge! i just listened to every bit of this because I am also a big fan of Kenny! You definitely need to do more of these, this was tremendous!
bros Kenny KO used to slam guys back in day
glad he nicer guy now. good interview should see more
you should interview more guys in industry
would like to see their opinions on gear
Kenny KO one of the cool cats of industry
should have only good dudes on, no negative people
Kenny KO looks way different
did he cut down or is he following more strict diet?
good job dylan, much respect. my respect growing for you over time
but should get on big meathead bodybuilder who knows competing
Watched the entire podcast and it was awesome, Dylan is really good at letting the guest speak full thoughts and just listening guest host.

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