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Basicstero Analytic Testing Results of Pharmacom Labs Products (concentration, purity, quality)


Rick T

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This is a thread to share analysis results of Pharmacom Labs products.

These results will speak for themselves regarding the quality of our products -- Pharmacom Labs has a verifiable long-standing winning tradition of proven Purity and Quality.
Many of these analytic testing results are also available at the following sites:

It is VERY important to know what you are using in your research and with Pharmacom Lab's proven commitment to excellence, backed by verifiable analytic testing results, you can be confident knowing you have a product of the highest quality when you order from Bascistero!

As may be founds on the "Innovations" page, Pharmacom Labs has its own chromatograph and spectrometer for analyzing the quality of raw materials and final products. This is a cutting-edge equipment, which allows non-destructive control of products.
Nonetheless, 3rd-party such as found here is very valuable and future additional testing is being planned.

More results coming soon.

Rick T

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Rick T

Approved Source
who says 500mg Test-E can not be done?!?!? We proved them wrong! :cool:
One of our customers sent our Test E 500mg/ml to Simec without anyone even knowing about it until he posted the results on another board -- it was anonymous.
Check out the result!

Rick T

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Pharmatropin GH

For most people the GH result will not mean much (as for me as well). We asked Simec to comment it and what are those related substances. The first reply was

However, we pay huge $$$ to get it tested and insisted on a short explanation. I will try to explain it.
HGH is a completely different thing than anabolic steroids. It is a very complicated hormone of a peptide nature.
Info from wikipedia:

Basicstero posted info about isoforms in one of the reports a long time ago... let me find it...
Here is the common info:



So, what do the numbers on Simec report means. Simec said:

In Pharma guidelines there are those specifications for somatropin for injection:
related proteins: not more than 13.0 %
related substances: not more than 6.0 %

related proteins are in fact also HGH but not as full as the main form, those molecules are different. other isoforms
related substances are bigger molecules (dimer and other) than somatropin.

As result we can state that Simec confirmed presence of real HGH in its isoform Nr.1 with 191 amino-residues.
as far as i understood other related substances are other not "full-valued" hgh-isoforms or even a bigger molecules, probably those, which were mentioned in Wikipedia.
So, purity of our HGH is within pharmaceutical standards... ok, 13.5 against 13.0 limit; 0,5% beyond the limit, but don`t forget about measuring deviations or himidity of samples, which could influence the final result. Considering HGH`s crazy molecular formula (C990 H1532 N262 O300 S7) and its measuring procedure (it took over 3 months at Simec to test it) I for sure consider it as a pass. its pharma-grade.