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NapsGear AAS Diaries From Napsgear - 16 Week - Summer Bulking Cycle Blitz

Richard Brown

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Checkout this AAS Diaries from Napsgear:

By 2Bulk2Cut

AAS Diaries Description:

Stats: 5`7" 140lbs
Diet: 400g carbs, 150g Protein
Workout: 6x a week, primarily focusing on one muscle group a day
Cycle: Keeping those dosages low, ideally under half a gram. Less I use, the better. TRT at 150mg weekly (Test levels are around 800), Masteron at 120mg weekly (Anti-estrogen properties), Tren A at 200mg weekly.
Anchillarries include Caber 0.25mg 2x a week for prolactin control, letrozole for estrogen management, and Raloxifene to prevent gyno.
Overall, hoping to pack on some nice clean solid mass this summer.

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