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UGFreak UGFREAK.TO June sales are here. get your summer stack!



Top 5 Jr. USA Lt/hvy weight
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$500 and get 3 testo E free
$1000 and get 5 testo E free
$1500 and get 10 testo E free!

We also continue our USA domestic sales which can be found here. enjoy discounts on many of your favorite products

we also have more ways to save money:

Price match (+10%)

If you happen to find a supplier with the same exact product as ours at a cheaper price, then we'll offer you their price and 10% discount further.

However we do not match the supplier's special or discounted prices. It has to be their regular price.

CryptoCurrencies Purchase

We offer a discount on your products when purchasing with cryptocurrencies (and crypto through credit card). This excludes US domestic products, that will not benefit off the cryptocurrency discount. The size of the discount differs, depending on our latest offer. The size
Para Pharma from UGFreak is my jam! Potent gear and top quality everytime! I'm currently on a cycle and seeing excellent results, thanks to UGFreak and Para Pharma, check these deals out while you can!
Here is the deal guys and gals. Ugfreak sales for June are on fire!
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