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IO Sponsor Peptides Galore (TD pic included)


What a nice surprise the other day. I opened my box and wasn't expecting this to jump the pond so fast. I can't give specifics but it was way less than two week's and that's all I can say about that.

Ever since we've been carrying peptides I've been experiencing more and more. I've found that oxytocin and pt‐141 have a very nice affect when combined. The oxytocin even helps make the nauseous feeling subside almost immediately giving you a nice relaxing feeling. Other men's vitality clinics have even combined the two together and sell them for insane $$$$. Don't believe me check this out

Don't waste your money ^^^^^

We can offer the same peptides at a fraction of the cost, and we guarantee they're better than any of that bs floating around.

I've also picked up some TB-500 and Bpc-157 since I've been strength lifting again. I know somethings going to be aching and hurting soon with all that heavy Weight.



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Looks like that product in your first picture is in pill form. I thought most peptides including Oxytocin and PT-141 were only bio-available when injected? Most peptides are too delicate to survive the digestion process. I'd personally stick to EP's peptides as they're done the right way.


The first pic is likely a referenced product from a men's health clinic. The Mt. Everest is actually a sublingual and does not under go digestion. That being said, it is way over priced, especially if you go through a men's clinic. Uncle Z carries the same peptides at a great price. Why go any where else.