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UncleZ Heavy weight vs light weight (does it matter)?


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A recent study has shown that for muscular development, no, it did not matter. The difference was insignificant. Slightly favoring the higher weighted group.

Take note that light weight is referencing 30-50% of 1 Rep-Max for 20-25 repetitions.

Heavy weight is referencing 75-90% of 1 Rep-Max for 8-12 repetitions.

No difference in hormonal changes was noted.

Strength gains were also the same.

Muscle-Protein Synthesis (MPS) was the same.

Key-Note for Strength Athletes:
This is based on muscular development. This study is not saying you can do higher reps with less weight and smash an all-time new PR.
Muscular development is NOT neurological development. Heavy weight is not replaceable for the Strength Athlete.
Though it is saying, there's no need to smash you body to dust with heavy weight to get larger muscles.


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It's been proven that anywhere from 6-30 reps produces the same hypertrophy IF(this article left this part out) THE PROXIMITY TO FAILIRE IS THE SAME. muscular failure not "ouch it burns too bad" failure