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Steroids Cutting with tren

if you want to cut down properly on tren it is dependent on how you react to it

some guys cut great on it, and some build a lot of size and strength

so try it man.
Great stack for cutting in my opinion. Definitely do not run HCG in your PCT though. It will actually delay your recovery. Instead, run something herbal like N2Generate.
28, 6’1’’ 210 pounds and 15%
My plan to cut with trenbolone
Tren ace: 50mgs EOD
Mast Prop: 50mgs ED
Test Prop: 100mgs total per week
Pct: nolva, clomid, hcg
What would you change?
I would not change anything besides clean dieting I would consider adding
T3 Cytomel with Clenbuterol if you’re not able to stand Clenbuterol T3 would be fine
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