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  1. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Steroids What do you do when people call you out?

    It really depends on your comfort level and what you want to share.
  2. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Vince Taylor, champion and bodybuilder

    22 total titles is insane!
  3. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Supplements My joints are cracking uh oh

    Make sure you are resting enough between sessions or just take a few extra days off to be safe. You could start taking N2JointRX and Krill-TS as well.
  4. Masonic Bodybuilder

    IO Sponsor Big Changes Coming to SARMS4SALE!! Read for Information!

    Great News! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Steroids cycle and pct timeline

    Just follow this:!-49252.html
  6. Masonic Bodybuilder

    new podcast UG12

    Tren is a great cutter for me so would definitely work well in a recomp.
  7. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Supplements Fat burner help

    You can still get it in Canada.
  8. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Podcast Hardcore #5 - Testosterone Cycles, Doses and Side Effects

    Solid info. Love discussing the base compound testosterone.
  9. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Steroids Sustanon hurts to pin?

    Assuming the gear is good, switch over to a single long ester.
  10. Masonic Bodybuilder

    SARMS Sarms for size

    Train for 3 years, not 3 weeks before using PEDs.
  11. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Scammer mistake i made

    Go with Domestic-Supply next time my man.
  12. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Supplements which vitamins?

    It really depends on your diet and what you are missing. I always recommend being safe and taking a good multi anyways. Check out N2Guard or 3D Multi from n2bm.
  13. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Steroids Need to stop cycle

    I would double up your dose and pin before you leave. You will be good to continue when you get back.
  14. Masonic Bodybuilder

    SARMS Sick of seeing skinny guys using sarms

    One thing that really changed my life is once I really started to understand that what other people do or what they think of me, is none of my business. Let that sink in for a bit. It will make you a better person.
  15. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Videos How to use and dose Primobolan: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great compound when used properly and with proper expectations.
  16. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Scammer fail with annawatts on wickr

    Thanks for calling them out. Stick to Domestic-Supply next time.
  17. Masonic Bodybuilder

    SARMS feel good sarms stack

    I love the Triple Stack that Dylan laid out for you in this situation.
  18. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Steroids Primobolan cycle help

    Primo is great for lean gains. I would run it at 500mg per week and add in test at 200-300mg per week.
  19. Masonic Bodybuilder

    SARMS ostarine MK vs. Nutrobal MK?

    Check out our articles and videos on each. They are very different compounds.