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  1. HenryBigLegs

    Geneza Geneza shorter esters

    Geneza pharma I prefer trenbolone acetate 100mgs eod and test prop 50mgs eod
  2. HenryBigLegs

    SARMS Using PCT sarms

    cardarine is my pct staple
  3. HenryBigLegs

    NapsGear NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on May 21...!

    napsgear the sale is on
  4. HenryBigLegs

    Steroids Stacking tren

    trenbolone acetate 50mgs eod winstrol 50mgs ed
  5. HenryBigLegs

    Supplements N2bm customer care

    n2slin is during meals 1 cap
  6. HenryBigLegs

    Geneza Geneza great experience

    Geneaza is real clean and top gear
  7. HenryBigLegs

    SARMS How much do sarms cost?

    good sarms cost good money
  8. HenryBigLegs

    Domestic-Supply reviews and delivery

    D-S, Greg and his team are highly trusted I can say with very high level of respect Greg from domestic-supply really loves his customers and wants them to get the best gear, amazing guy and amazing service I was on EF for 12 years and on EVO for 8 years so domestic supply has been with us a...
  9. HenryBigLegs

    Steroids First time with steroids but older guy

    500mgs primobolan 50mgs winstrol top right there
  10. HenryBigLegs

    Supplements N2generate 10 caps?

    5 caps n2generate is my regular dose
  11. HenryBigLegs

    SARMS Blast and cruise plan

    put the sarms into some juice easy
  12. HenryBigLegs

    SARMS Sarms for Sale | Buy sarms | SARMS.Forsale Reviews

    I like sarms but these days hard to get legit sarms. Check chemyo they were just exposed for faking lab tests, terrible.
  13. HenryBigLegs

    Scammer BP medical DNP sick

    dnp can kill you not just sick
  14. HenryBigLegs

    Steroids Expired Steroids - the truth!

    I used a bottle of test 10 years after expired no issues
  15. HenryBigLegs

    Supplements Can supplements fill in bad diet?

    supplements cant fix a mcdonalds diet