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  1. Mike_wh00

    Steroids Major recomp time

    Good add 300 test
  2. Mike_wh00

    SARMS Chances of success on sarms

    Listen to Dylan
  3. Mike_wh00

    Sources The Provider : International Service

    Good to go
  4. Mike_wh00

    Supplements How much bcaa’s after workout?

    Whey protein and food have alot in them. If u don't eat enough u dont get enough bcaa funny how all think so
  5. Mike_wh00

    Geneza geneza pharma high end gear

  6. Mike_wh00

    NapsGear Product of the Week Winner: GP Oxan(Anavar)

    Good sale
  7. Mike_wh00

    IO Sponsor Push50's - The Provider - Meditrope Log

    Pushing strong. Keep grinding
  8. Mike_wh00

    Supplements best multi vitamin ?

    There's alot. Have to check ingredients and knownwhat ur looking for
  9. Mike_wh00

    NapsGear Update on napsgear order

    Good to hear
  10. Mike_wh00

    SARMS lean muscle gains on sarms

    Doses too high
  11. Mike_wh00

    NapsGear 6 Tips to Pace Yourself During a HIIT Session

    Good info. I dont do hit
  12. Mike_wh00

    Steroids Doubling up workouts on steroids

    Train same or harder. Not more